Installing the Memor32

1. Preparation

The memor32 homepage lists several authorised resellers of their product. I live in the US and ended up ordering my memor32 from RealHotStuff for $63 without a mini-USB to USB cable (add $4 if you need one). I opted for the DHL delivery option and the device was in my hands in 2 days.

There is no documentation or CDs of any sort included but this shouldn’t distress you. You will want to head over to the memor32 download page and grab the latest memor32 drivers (from third party website) and Save Game Manager (SGM) software from the corresponding websites. You will also want the latest memento firmware. At the time of this review the latest software is:

  1. CDM 2.04.06 WHQL

Extract the driver files into a folder and go ahead and install the SGM program, so that everything is ready for the next step. By the way, I am using WinXP SP2.

2. Backup your Saved Games

First thing you want to do is stick the memor32 into your PS2 and fire it up. Go in to the memory card browser and select the memor32. The PS2 will inform you that its not formatted, so go ahead and do so. Next with your normal memory card in the other slot, copy over all of your saved games.

Next connect the memor32 to your PC using your USB cable. XP will find a new device and ask you for drivers. Select a specific location to search and include the folder you extracted the drivers to. Two drivers will be installed by the way.

After that is done, you can load up the SGM and you will see a list of all the games on the memor32. The GUI is very simple. Select all your games on the left tab and back them up to your computer by pressing the corresponding button. The SGM will save your files to the following location (default installation), which is very useful to know:

C:\Program Files\Memor32\Ps2Saves\

As a measure of extra security you can also go ahead and export the games that you have not backed up to your computer to individual files. That way you can transfer them to a backup drive with everything else that’s precious to you :).

3. Flash your memor32 with the memento firmware

With the memor32 still connected to your computer navigate to the folder where you extracted the memento firmware and click on the Update button. After a few seconds your memor32 is now a fully fledged softmod!

This completes the setup process for your memor32+memento softmod. Make sure to check for new firmware revisions often. The memento team promises to release v1.3 sometime in June 2008.


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