Airport Alternative for Mac Powerbook G4

So my wife’s Airport went out on her awsome Powerbook G4 and I went looking for a replacement for her. Turns out Apple wants to charge around $100 for a replacement internal Airport card, which isnt about to happen.

A little research revealed that certain Motorola PCMCIA cards with the same guts as the Airport serve the same purpose and are immediately identified by OSX as Airport cards – no drivers and no configuring. I bought a Motorola Wireless Notebook Adapter WN825G from Amazon for $10 and it still works a charm…

There are some other cards that have the same chipset (Broadcom BCM4306 chipset) that also work, in exactly the same way. I’ll make a list of them if I get around to it. Thinking of getting another if I can find one actually, just in case…


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