Visual Audio Sensory Theater

VAST is probably my favorite band/artist. When I say that I exclude of course the “default maxima” as I like to call them, which in my case are Metallica, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash. Vast is pretty much a one man band, where at the center of it all we have Jon Crosby, a child stumbling through thoughts and reflections on life, inconclusive and emphatic. I find him very easy to associate with.

Needless to say, every single song in every single album has some… offering. Depending on your mood you will take something new out of them and make it yours forever. “The gates of Rock and Roll will never close on me”. “I live to see the day He comes upon a horse”. “Put me inside flesh that is dying… just dont take your love away”. “…and the moon gives me permission as I enter through your eyes”.

There are no favorite songs. Nor is there a good or bad time to listen to VAST. Its the single most played collection of albums in my music collection. I take it and I leave it. Sometimes on purpose, just because I find it so powerful. It always leaves me in a contemplative and relaxed mood, I must admit. I have noticed that my faith in life and humans is reinforced when I listen to VAST, I guess because it reminds me that someone is thinking this way and that others are listening.

There arent many fans of VAST around. But only because they havent heard it yet. Even if you dont know me, or you’re for some reason unconvinced by my rant here then please just ignore me and go have a look at some songs. You choose for yourself.