Ultimate Nintendo DS

I recently took the plunge and tried out mobile gaming and my life will never be the same.

I chose the NDS Lite over the PSP as my initial purchase simply because I wanted to explore the features available through the touch-screen. This adds greatly to the gaming experience, which is in balance with the more … mature titles that the PSP enjoys, such as FFVII and Gods of War.

After some research I discovered a wide range of custom applications that can be run on the Nintendo DS ranging from homebrew PDA like applications, video, audio, image viewers and even an online browser and a very very fascinating app that allows you to convert you NDS to a phone!

Last but not least, you can collect all of your games on one memory card and play your game backups without the need to switch out cartridges! You will have to own the original cartridge of course, which you can leave safely in its original case, on your shelf.

So what you’ll find here are tutorials and reviews of the NDS homebrew scene, NDS hardware and peripherals and of course NDS game reviews 🙂


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