Installing Starry Night on Vista

There are several versions of Starry Night, all of which have problems when you try to install them on a rig running Windows Vista. The reason is that Vista doesn’t deliver the usual backwards compatibilities that you would expect out of a new operating system. Funnily enough, this turns out to be the solution to our problem:

  1. Open the Starry Night CD, by right clicking on the CD/DVD icon in My Computer.
  2. Locate the setup.exe or install.exe file that is the main file that installs Starry Night. This will differ depending on the version, so do a little bit of searching around if you need to.
  3. Right click on the setup.exe files and go to Properties/Advanced and under Compatibility, select “Windows XP”.
  4. Run the installer.

Thats it. This trick works with every other program that has version conflicts with Vista.


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