Legal CD/DVD Game Backups

1. Overview and Observations

Once the memor32 has been flashed with the memento firmware, you can start using your legal backups.

In order to use your backups with Memento, you will have to first create an CD/DVD game image and then patch it with MementoDiskPatcher0.9e.exe (96 KB). The patching process is instantaneous. The only downside is that you will not be able to play the game backups you already have. Or can you?

Using the innate ability of the memento firmware to load .ELF files you could load up a SwapMagic.ELF and then use that to play all your unpatched backups. Clever eh? Thats the great thing about this device. Its a mod that enables all other types of mods. I suspect that once the firmware v1.3 is released that games will not need to be patched anymore. We’ll have to wait and see what the russians have in stall for us.

What if you forget to patch the ISO or stick a unpatched backup in? I made a backup DVD without patching the game on purpose to see what will happen, and noticed that memento does not appear at all, which means that the patch informs the PS2 to look to memento to load the game. If you do not you get the PS2 red-screen, informing you that this (of course) is not a proper PS2 disk.

So far the firmware does not allow you to change the region of your legal backup on the fly. Of course that means that all of the games you already own and are backing up will work flawlessly. Here’s how to do it:

2. Creating Legal CD/DVD Backups

First you’ll need some DVD burning software. If you have Nero you’re good to go, but I like using freeware when possible. You can use DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn, since they are both free and very similar this guide works the same for both 🙂 Actually brakken has a fantastic walkthrough of the backup procedure over at ISO-420, so if you need more pictures go and have a look.

1. Install ImgBurn
2. Insert your PS2 game disk
3. Select Mode>ISO>Read
4. Click on the DVD to HDD icon
5. The game gets ripped to an ISO file
6. Apply the Memento Patch
7. Select Mode>ISO>Write
8. Click on the HDD to DVD icon
9. Wait till the CD burns
10. Stick it into your PS2 and play

3. Patching Problematic Games

There are some problematic games that will not run unless they are patched, such as the excellent Final Fantasy XII (thanks brakken for the heads-up). You can find problematic games and their patches at the Eurasia website or the Megagames PS2 Patch page. These patches come in the form of .PPF files and require a PFF patcher, such as PPF-O-Matic 3.0 or PFF Patch Engine, which you can find over at


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