2. DS Roms

Getting your hands on the latest DS games and running them is very simple. I have included some useful notes and observations here also:

Please remember that you must own the original game to use these Roms. You may download and test Roms before purchase, but they must be deleted within 24 hours.

1. Search the released DS Roms Wiki list of released Nintendo DS Roms for the game you’re interested in. This list is a great resource if not a bit slow to update, but you can also have a look at the recent news on the following sites for new releases.

2. Then head over to the NDS Roms website to download the game you want. A running chat application is featured on the main site also, which you can use to ask advice from the local gurus. Note that you can only download one rom at a time from this site, which is perfectly understandable.

3. Another very nice 0-day Rom release site is Romulation. They have complete lists of DS, GBA and PSX Roms and ISO images and are a very friendly and well organised bunch. Site requires registration, which is perfectly free and also gives you access to their forum.

There are of course many places where you can download ROMS or even complete rom packs in the form of .torrents etc. I list some in the Useful Links page of this section.

4. Extract the .zip, .rar or .7z rom file to expose the .nds file inside and copy it to your FlashCart’s /nds/ folder.

5. Stick your microSDHC card into your Flashcart and insert it into yous DS. When you turn on your DS you will be see the Flashcart’s OS. The first icon, dubbed NDS corresponds to the /nds/ folder and its where it will look for your DS games. GBA games go to the /gba/ folder. Pick your game and launch it.

6. To launch homebrew games and applications (see the DS Homebrew link for more on that), you will have to use the Folder Navigation icon to find the app you want. For the sake of organisation, I suggest keeping your homebrew and games seperate, as several homebrew applications will drop configuration and cache files that will clutter your beatiful filespace structure. You will want to select the NDS SLOT-1 to run homebrew. The GBA SLOT-2 is used for GBA roms and homebrew (now mostly outdated, or DS versions exist).

7. Some of you will have bought 6GB or even 8GB microSD cards, to house all of your favorite games and apps, which is just a wonderful idea! Note however that you can have up to 128 .nds files in each directory. If you have mode the Flashcart might how Zero files in the /nds/ folder, even though you can see them when you connect it to a PC. If you want to put more stuff on there, just make /nds1/, /nds2/ folder and put your Roms there. You will have to use the Folder Navigator to launch them, again through the NDS Slot-1.


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