3. DS Homebrew

Homebrew applications are those writtten by the DS community and are free for distribution and use. You can find anything from games, graphical editors, emulators, multimedia applications and even compiliers for programming on the go.

A DS with its nifty touchscreen, loaded with some clever homebrew can be an amazingly versatile tool, not to metion the coolest jukebox ever 🙂 There is a very large homebrew community, that is constantly updating its material. You only need to google “DS homebrew” to get a flavor of what we’re talking about here. You can also look through some select sites that I have noted in the Useful Links section.

Let me get something off my chest first. Most homebrew applications out there you will have no use for. There’s a lot of tech demos from people playing with the compiler and there are also some very nice and intricate programs that you just wont use with any given frequency to justify keeping them on your DS. So I have compliled a list of Homebrew applications that you will most probably use or like to have on your DS here. If you have specific needs or interests please look through some review sites for stuff you like.

DSOrganize 3.2 by DragonMinded

MoonShell 1.71+1 by Infantile Paralsiser

Image Viewer 1.11 by Infantile Paralsiser

DSMaps 0.2.1a by DMC

NDSMail 0.60 by Bronto

DSLinux by Pepsiman and Amadeus

DSFTP 2.6 by Giesler


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