1. Memor32/Memento

1. New Kids on the Block

The memor32 USB accessible memory card along with the memento firmware softmod for the PS2, is one of the most exciting new developments that we have seen in the PS2 modding scene lately. It opens up a multitude of possibilities for adventuring users seeking the ultimate gadgetry for their beloved Playstation 2 console — all without ever openning/soldering you PS2.

In the following pages, I will give you an overview of the devices, describe their use and applications and of course inform you of any problems this softmod might have. I consider the ISO-420 review by brakken the best on the net, if you’re looking for more information.

2. Memor32

The memor32 is a 32 MB memory card for the PS2 that has been fitted with a mini-USB socket that allows you to connect it to a PC and backup your saved game files. It also provides a novel way of loading homebrew .ELF files by placing them on the memor32 and booting directly into them at startup.

An .ELF file is a PS2 executable file format that allows for third party applications to be run on your PS2. The problem has always been to get the PS2 to boot them, which requires the use of some kind of mod chip, swap disk or memory exploit.

3. Memento

The memento firmware is the product of inquisitive russian software engineering that make it possible to bypass the PS2 boot time OS, opening up a multitude of possibilities. You can play legal backups (after patching with the appropriate memento patcher), boot homebrew .ELF files and even start HD Loader or USB Advanced that will allow you to boot your games through an IDE HDD or USB HDD.


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