4. DS Accessories

Like everything in life, even the DS has to accessorized 🙂

Some of the pages here refer to necessary items, such as replacement screens and screen protectors and others are here just for fun. Some are aesthetic and there to feed our vanity and leech off our wallets and some are there to help up maintain our sanity when something goes terribly wrong with the NDS.

A great way to get started, if you just want to see what kind of things are available is to look through some YouTube videos of people demonstrating their kits. Below I have two very nice vids, that describe what I think are the essential accessories to have for the NDS:

6 Essential Accessories for the NDS Lite: Part 1Part 2

If you find any cool stuff that fit in this category, then please feel free to post a comment and I’ll look into making it a full page.


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